Secured Box is the first product being launched by RSL. The 3 ft.(W) x 2 ft. (L) x 6 ft. (H) stainless steel cabinets are expertly designed by the company providing the highest convenience and durability. Each cabinet weighs over 100 kg and can withstand loads up to a maximum of 400 kg. Anti-electrostatic coating is used to provide maximum resistance to humidity and acid attack.

Each Secured Box is encoded by the RSL computer system and consists of two fixed shelves and two additional removable steel plates providing flexible storage options. Handles on the two sides and a base frame with wheels are designed for indoor movement and outdoor transportation. To ensure safety and security, once each Secured Box is locked and sealed, it will be transported back to the warehouse immediately.

Our 112,022 sq. ft. warehouse has a capacity for 10,000 Secured Box units, providing a tailor-made storage service for businesses and households in Hong Kong.


SECURED BOX (Pictures)
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